Gathering in alignment with the seasons and cycles

Because sometimes what we need is community care, not more self-care.

Because we deserve to feel deep, safe, connection in a community.

Because when enough people step forward in intentional service and presence, that wave of intention radiates change throughout the world. 

We are wired for connection, and authentic connection nourishes our being.


Where: 3217 20th Street Rockford


What: Seasonal Gathering Following the Wheel of The Year; 

Learning how to sync with nature’s cycles to better understand our own life cycles;

Song, dance, and movement; nourishment of community


When: Thursday August 3 6-9pm


What can you bring?:  journals, poems (by yourself or just one you’d like to share), something to sit on, bug spray, snacks and n/a beverages, and open heart, and open mind (optional items: drums/instruments, yoga mat, flow arts tools like hoops and poi, oracle/tarot cards, etc)



*Women’s circles allow a chance for personal reflections, celebrations, and grievances to be witnessed, transmuted, and embodied through community.


*Witnessing: A sacred act of sharing your truth to people who aren’t trying to fix or give advice. A place that says “YES” to tears and joy alike.


*Circle: An intentional gathering of people in a physical setting; sitting or standing in a circle shape with a common intention or purpose


*An egalitarian space to practice connection, vulnerability, witness, etc.


*Reviving the ancient practice of women gathering in circle to create tangible and intangible contributions to the healing of the Earth, the reconnection of self to ONE, and the undeniable magic that occurs when women gather with intention.


*There is power in the gathering


*Re-writing the stories of betrayal and rejection through the radical act of circling, healing that within ourselves that prevents us from trusting and vulnerable relationships with other women.

If called please listen to this podcast about circling; I received much inspiration from this:


Concerns: All are welcome and encouraged 


Cost: Donation Based ($5-$20)

RSVP due 1 week before event via Google Registration Form

Minimum of 5 RVSP’s required to hold the event.