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Kate Frautschy is an RCL board member and independent business owner. Her nature based business, Eclectic Kate LLC, weaves body wisdom and nature’s wisdom into experiences that encourage personal germination. She has been gathering gardening knowledge and wisdom all of her life and has put it to practical use for the last 5 years in her backyard oasis.
This is not just for beginners. All are welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of their experience gardening. We learn and grow better together!
What to Expect from the class:
-Learn to clear your mind chatter of doubts, fears, and stories around growing your own food that may be holding you back from even starting
-Winter Dreaming and Visioning
-Seeds: How to pick them, How and when to start them, how to keep them growing
-Seedlings: Germination, Early Stages, and Hardening Off
-Plants: Getting into the ground successfully, common gardening issues and solutions, tools and resources for gardening success
-Harvest: How to harvest and preserve seeds for future growing seasons years to come (Chantel and the Seed Bank)
-Visioning Exercise to Connect With Garden Goals and Dreams
-A chance to take advantage of our wonderful seed bank!
Participants are encouraged to bring:
– an open mind
– a notebook or something to take notes on
– seeds to donate to seed bank if they wish
Cost is $10
Please register by April 9th

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