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This gathering will be crafted to help participants attune to the natural cycles of nature to better understand our own natural internal cycles.
Participants will experience a guided embodiment practice, relaxing and grounding sound bath, activating drum circle, and guided round table discussion on the feminine cycle season of Summer.
Who is guiding this experience?:
Kate Frautschy is a movement coach and cycle guide. She has training and certifications in Yoga, HoopYogini, Usui & Kundalini Reiki, & Land Stewardship. www.eclectickate.com eclectickatecreates@gmail.com
What should participants bring?:
-A snack or n/a drink to share if possible
-Your own mat if you have one
-Your own hula hoop if you have one
-Your drum if you have one (don’t worry if you don’t)
-bug spray
-Towel for under your mat if desired
-OPTIONAL: Journal, oracle/tarot cards, favorite stones
Some mats and hoops will be available to borrow.
BENEFITS: movement is medicine, alleviate spinal and physical stress and tension, alleviate mental and energetic tension, unplugs from the routine to relax and connect with the Earth and others! Taking sacred pause to connect with the nature of cycles and the nourishment of being in a circle with women.
Concerns: All are welcome and encouraged to join, please get in touch with Kate eclectickatecreates@gmail.com if there are questions
5 minimum participants to run event; Please register at least a week in advance
Donation-Based Event; Please join us regardless of your financial situation.
If you are experiencing abundance in your life please consider donating $10-$20.
Donations are accepted during registration via Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, or cash day of
All Donations go to Rockford Crunchy Ladies

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