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Discover simple and potent self care practices like cycle tracking, Yoni steaming, moon bathing, and more!
You will learn how to safely execute these practices, create ritual/ceremony around your natural cycles, as well as have the chance to blend your own steam to take home along with a brochure of instructions covered in class.
We will also be reviewing Kate’s book Cycle Freedom: Finding Empowerment and Joy Within Your Feminine Cycle to learn about other ways to care for your feminine menstrual cycle.
We will wrap up the session with a round table discussion about topics covered, questions, and a chance to access RCL’s menstrual cup stash for free!
Kate will also have her book and journal companion available for purchase as well.
Who is guiding this experience?:
Kate Frautschy is a movement coach and cycle guide. She has training and certifications in Yoga, HoopYogini, Usui & Kundalini Reiki, & Land Stewardship. www.eclectickate.com
What should participants bring?:
-Donation of unopened disposable period products for our “Period Project” stash
-A snack or n/a drink to share if desired
-something for notes
-and open mind and curiosity
BENEFITS: Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that is easy, accessible, multi beneficial, and safe for most people with vaginas. Gathering in safe space to be vulnerable and discuss the sacred cycle of menstruation empowers us to experience this cycle in a positive and nourishing way. Learning new tools to care for ourselves empowers us to deeply tend to ourselves in a way that cultivates growth, healing, connection, and expansion. Experience the benefits of taking sacred pause to connect with the nature of cycles and the nourishment of being in circle with women.
Concerns: All are welcome and encouraged to join, please contact Kate eclectickatecreates@gmail.com if there are questions
To help properly prepare materials
Please Register
5 participants minimum to run class, registration due 1 week before event
Donation Based Event-Pay What You Can; Cost of Materials: $10/participant
Please join us regardless of your financial situation
If you are experiencing abundance in your life please consider donating $10-$30
Donations are accepted in registration via Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, or cash day of.
All donations, minus cost of materials, goes to Rockford Crunchy Ladies.

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