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Our Team

We are a small group of powerful leaders with diverse backgrounds that are dedicated to supporting our community and volunteering to be leaders, members, and individuals that are on our journeys to a healthy, natural, and sustainable lifestyle. We are very thankful and honored to have each one of these women be involved in our organization. We thank them for their time and hard work and continuous growth. We hope that you will have the opportunity to interact with each and every one of them through your  participation with Rockford Crunchy Ladies.

Kalea is a full-time working mother of 2 boys living in Rockford. She started her Crunchy journey during her first pregnancy, learning about home birth, baby-wearing, cloth diapering and breastfeeding. She’s grown passionate about being outdoors, yoga, natural & herbal remedies and essential oils. Kalea finds the most enriching part of being part of the Crunchy Ladies is the community of friends she has gained and the positive impact The Crunchy Ladies has on our community.
TheresaSocial Media Period Project, Event Coordinator Assistant
Theresa joined Rockford Crunchy Ladies November 2017 upon chance. Since then she has had a strong urge to help out more within the community. She began to volunteer early 2018 and since then has accepted a position to be a member of the board, help rcl period project with social media, became apart of the admin team, and co-organized their first ever teal-o-ween. Theresa loves helping out with the events to see the smiles on everyone’s faces. She was born and raised in Rockford, was homeschooled and went to Rock Valley college for a semester. She met her husband in August 2014, married and now they have a handsome son together. She is a stay at home mom and working on making their home as crunchy as she possibly can. Theresa has a very adventurous spirit but a timid heart.
JessicaGraphic Designer
Tara moved to the Rockford area in 2008. She’s a married, homeschooling mama of 3 kiddos ages 14, 6, & 3. She loves the Green Bay Packers, observing the night sky, thunderstorms, & anything Harry Potter related.

Tara’s Crunchy path began when she was expecting her second baby. Already passionate about breastfeeding, she began researching natural childbirth, cloth diapering, chemical-free cleaning, & alternatives to modern medicine. A friend invited her to a “Crunchy” FB group & a name was given to Tara’s search for a natural living community. When Rockford Crunchy Ladies came across Tara’s newsfeed, she didn’t hesitate to join!

Tara loves participating in local community events, meeting new people, & supporting small business owners. She’s met so many wonderful women through RCL & looks forward to helping other women find their tribe too.

TaishaCommunity Outreach
Taisha moved to Rockford from Chicago and years later joined Rockford Crunchy Ladies in 2016 to explore her “scrunchy” way of life. She found meaning in volunteering for RCL Period Project after participating in a blessing bag event. Soon after, she became a key community organizer within the RCL Team; and now organizes our community outreach and support within our RCL community ensuring that each one of our members feel the support we offer.
Taisha lives in Rockford with her husband and three kids. She is an active homeschool mom supporting her kids’ different needs. When they aren’t busy with family matters or RCL, they can be found glamping on weekends and soaking up nature. Her mantra in life is “We live this life together”.
Krystal is a busy local business owner married with 3 active boys. Her focus is empowering women through self love and care in whatever way that is for them. She offers photography for women and wellness services including Pilates and Mom and Me Fitness. She focuses on holistic practices for health and wellness and teaching her children to be more conscious of the decisions they make and how it can affect the earth. She is an animal lover and cloth diapered and baby wore all three of her sons. She loves to share her knowledge with other women to help others enrich their lives and help future generations live more crunchy.
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