What is Crunchy?

To answer this in a few words would be impossible. We are all different, and on different paths. Crunchy can mean a lifestyle choice to live more naturally, green, healthy and sustainable. Crunchy can mean taking your own path instead of the mainstream. I know one thing crunchy people do is research everything to make sure they are making the best choice for them or their family. We try not to do things just because others are, but instead we make sure it is the best choice for us.

Granola, Hippie, Green, and Natural are also describing words you may here to describe someone who is “crunchy”.

When you are thinking crunchy label, some of things that may come up (please take note of the “may come up”)

  • Eat organic
  • Vegetarian/Vegan/Whole Foods Etc
  • Breastfeeding
  • Cloth diapering
  • Co-sleeping
  • Home birth
  • Natural Birth
  • Chemical free/natural products
  • Recycling
  • Avoid Plastic
  • Composts
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Prefers Reusable items
  • Alternative Medicine
  • None/selective/delayed vaccination
  • Thrift store shopping instead of brand new items
  • More natural clothing
  • There are so many more that could be listed here.

Now to be clear, those are all just examples of what CRUNCHY could mean.

We can understand

  • Being conscious of our purchases
  • Willingness to mess up, get messy, and even laugh at our mistakes and move on.
  • Choosing to first try healing, and beautifying naturally.
  • Finding happiness and thankfulness in everything nature offers us, the things we already have, and respecting our earth as it is a part of our lives.
  • Wanting to and willingness to share our experiences and knowledge with those who are asking and curious of our choices.
  • Most importantly, taking each day as a new opportunity to grow in all of our endeavors.
  • Being unattractive as in not being kind and supportive of others.
  • Shaming others who do not share the same beliefs or are on a different path.

This is from our dandelion mead class. We had a beautiful class led by one of our amazing leaders. We all went home with 3 bottles of mead and all the equipment to continue to make our own another time and very detailed instructions.

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