In starting the seed bank, our goal is to give access to a variety of produce, herbs, and medicinal plants to our community members; that might not otherwise have an opportunity to obtain due to a number of socioeconomic factors.

RCL focuses heavily on living sustainably, and one of those ways we highlight that mission is by encouraging our members to grow their own food. Growing your own food is vital to food security and independence, especially in the middle of supply chain shortages and inflation.

By creating our seed bank we are also preserving heirloom varieties for years to come, which also solidifies food security within the community. Getting back to our roots of farming by understanding the process of seed to harvest, is a vital lesson we hope to teach future generations.

Please list the common name.
Please list type of seed. Example (Coneflower- and then list which variety: avalanche, Cheyenne, daydream, balscanery, firebird. If you do not know try to list details of color size etc.